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The Pigeon Girl, Plaça del Diamant in Barcelona

8th September 2015

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is happening across curious sculptures in unexpected places.

Pigeon Girl Sculpture, Plaça Diamant, Barcelona, Bill Sinclair.JPG2

Here is a sculpture by Xavier Medina Campeny, a representation of La Colometa (the Pigeon Girl), or Natalia, the main protagonist of Mercè Rodoreda’s novel, In Diamond Square (previously published as In the Time of the Doves).

This powerful, human-sized sculpture is situated in Plaça del Diamant, Vila de Gràcia.

Here’s a detail of the pigeons:

Pigeon Girl Sculpture, Plaça Diamant, Barcelona, Bill Sinclair.3

Here’s a photo showing something of the context taken from the terraza outside Café Diamant:

Plaça del Diamant, Gràcia, Barcelona, from Café Diamant


Here’s my write-up at Spotted by Locals: HERE.

Enjoy discovering sculpture in Barcelona.



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