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I love Barcelona — and want  you to love it too.

I’ve visited every bar, restaurant, shop, market, attraction and event featured here at least three times before publishing my opinion.

You may be planning a visit, you may be visiting for a conference, a football match, festival, family holiday, or a chilled-out weekend.

You may be thinking of re-locating … you might be curious as to what life is like here in Barcelona.

Well… whatever your reason for being here…if you want to get under the skin of the city, click around for a while and you’ll discover:

Tips and tricks on how to make the most of your time and money when in Barcelona.

Tips on how best to get around the city.

Tips on how to get what you want in shops, bars, and restaurants.

Notes on local customs, celebrations and culture.

Notes on food & drink such as bikini, espardenyes, paella, zarajoand local  beers.

Snippets of history…and opinions… about life in our endlessly fascinating city of Barcelona.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not find visitor information about the main tourist sites on this site; I assume you will have already researched these.

About me

I first visited Barcelona in 1981 and have lived and worked here since 2003 — yet everyday I discover or learn something new about this great 'city of marvels'.

I was a regular contributor to Spotted by Locals, Barcelona for many years, and an occasional contributor to The Guardian, de Volkskrant, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and other online and print publications.  

I also work as an English language coach at Hospital Clínic.

I also write fiction.

Check out these neighbourhoods:

Gaudí’s Dreamlike Park: La Salut, Gràcia in Barcelona
Map of La Salut neighbourhood in Gràcia,Dreamlike park and hilltop views.The small hillside barri, La Salut is one of the[...]
Culture Crammed Multi-ethnic Corner: El Raval in Barcelona
El RavalSituated between Les Rambles and Paral·lel, Ronda de Sant Pau/Ronda de Sant Antoni, El Raval is a lively, colourful, ethnically[...]
The Heart of Modernista Architecture: La Dreta de l’Eixample in Barcelona
La Dreta de l'EixampleDreta de l'Eixample is where you’ll encounter more than 150 of the city's Modernista buildings. The area[...]

Check out these restaurants:

Simply Superb: Semproniana in Barcelona
Insert Content Template or SymbolSEMPRONIANASituated in what used to be a publisher’s offices, Semproniana offers a relaxed ambience in which[...]
10 Good reasons to go with Goliard in Barcelona
 Tataky de lomo de buey con enoquis (Tataki of beef tenderloin with enoki mushrooms), as served as part of the menú[...]

Check out this history:

Battlefields in Barcelona 1: Carrer Diputació, July, 1936
The streets of Barcelona comprise a battlefield which continues to host skirmishes and more enduring clashes between armed police, the[...]
Battlefields in Barcelona 2: Passeig de Sant Joan, February, 1976
The streets of Barcelona comprise a battlefield which has hosted, and continues to host, skirmishes and more enduring clashes between[...]
Battlefields in Barcelona 3: Els Jardinets, February,1976
The streets of Barcelona comprise a battlefield which has hosted, and continues to host, skirmishes and more enduring clashes between[...]

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REST — Information around issues concerning accommodation, and tips about security & safety.

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THEN — Posts about aspects of the history of Barcelona, including images and commentary about the Spanish Civil War, Franco’s dictatorship, The Transition, and Catalunya’s struggle for independence.

BOOKSTORE A selection of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry  about, or based in or inspired by Barcelona.

Contact me — self-explanatory — drop me a line or two.


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Enjoy your visit to Barcelona

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