Bryan Cranston in Gràcia in Barcelona

12th January 2017

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is happening across curious portraits of well-known, and not so well-known, people in unexpected places.

Here's a portrait of the actor, Bryan Cranston as Walter White — AKA Heisenberg — from the TV series, Breaking Bad, on Carrer de Rabassa in Gràcia.


The graffiti is on a private garage door.​

Walter White AKA Bryan Cranston, Gràcia, Barcelona by Bill sinclair

Enjoy discovering graffiti in Barcelona


Happy New Year 2017 from Barcelona

31st December 2016


Wishing you a healthy, productive and prosperous 2017. And, if you can squeeze in some happiness, all the better.

See you next year. Sincerely hope it’s a great one for you.

The illustration is by our good friend, Oscar Astromujoff — a brilliant artist and illustrator —and a wonderful human being.

Oscar’s work is best known locally through his regular illustrations for the newspaper, La Vanguardia. In fact, there was one of Oscar’s illustrations in today’s (31/12/2016) edition. His artwork extends beyond simple illustration.

Thanks to Lali, his lovely partner, we were at Oscar’s apartment on Sant Esteve (Boxing Day) last week for a tea party. All good fun.

Anyway, here’s wishing you all the very best for 2017.

Fins aviat!


Make tracks to Tram-Tram in Barcelona

22nd December 2016
Amuse bouches at Tram-Tram, Barcelona

Tram-Tram, a family owned, family run restaurant, is an excellent spot for small get-togethers, or, perhaps, a romantic rendezvous, and a good introduction to contemporary Catalan cuisine. It's a small, perfectly formed and tastefully decorated restaurant, with private dining-rooms and a pleasant leafy patio.

Isidre Soler, the chef, (who spent time training with Ferran Adrià at El Bulli before it became internationally known) takes evident, painstaking pride in the preparation and presentation of his exquisite dishes.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have dined for lunch and dinner here a few times over the past thirteen years. I’ve dined in the general interior dining area, a private dining-room and in the patio. Never disappointed about any aspect of the experience.


Price for lunch:

The menú del día, or almuerzo a precio fijo (fixed-price lunch), is 28€ and includes bread, water, a glass of cava or a glass of wine, and coffee.


  • Tasting menu — offers five courses, with bread, and a dessert for 39,50€. Wine is extra — by the glass, between 3€ and 7€, and for 16€ you could have a very tasty bottle. The wine list offers a selection of 150 unpretentious wines.
  • El Festival — a surprise menu consisting of three tapas, four dishes, a cheeseboard and two desserts for 70€.
  • A lá carte — depending on the season, but the menu usually offers a choice of six starters, ten meat and fish dishes and six desserts. Prices for mains (entrées) are between 21€ and 28€ — and they offer ¾ size portions at appropriately reduced prices. In the autumn (fall) the menu will include a few game dishes.

All options include two amuse bouches — often an espuma (foam) or mousse of some kind and a sardine served with tongue teasing relishes.

Loin of cod with mushrooms squid-ink parsley reduction-and-chives


Chef Soler uses only the very best ingredients — as is evident with every mouthful.

Sardine escabeche and espuma of courgette (zucchini) amuse bouches as served at Tram-Tram.


The food — including original variations on classic dishes such as seafood paella and cochinillo (suckling pig) — is flavoursome without being rich, and is very, very good. It’s perhaps a strange observation, but there’s a certain clarity about the flavours here. Despite the complexity of some of the dishes — for example, Royal hare with foie gras and sweet potatoes — none of the flavours dominate but each are evident on the tongue.

Cochinillo (suckling pig) as served at Tram-Tram.


Service is excellent, the waiters, neatly turned out in white Nehru jackets, are very attentive though keep a discreet distance from your table, conscious to not interrupt the flow of your conversation. The very knowledgeable, and very helpful maitre'd will help you navigate the menu and off-menu specials, and guide you through the wine list. (An English version of the menu is available).


The overall feel is very restful, akin to dining in a wealthy friend’s home. There’s no rush, no bother, no drama — everything is just so.


You could pay a lot more for a lot less. You’ll be paying for reliably excellent food professionally served in a comfortable and restful ambience. You’ll likely feel better about yourself when you leave.

Pear and mango dessert as served at Tram-Tram

Michelin Guide:

If such things matter to you then you’ll be reassured to know that Tram-Tram is mentioned, although not starred, in the Michelin Guide for Barcelona.

In sum…

All in all, excellent value and highly recommended. Bon profit!


Carrer Major de Sarrià, 121


Above Passeig de la Bonanova


SarriàALL FGC trains departing from Plaça Catalunya and Provença, EXCEPT L7, call at Sarrià.

Wednesday1:30PM–3:30PM & 9PM –10:30PM
Thursday1:30PM–3:30PM & 9PM –10:30PM
Friday1:30PM–3:30PM & 9PM –10:30PM
Saturday1:30PM–3:30PM & 9PM –10:30PM
Bar Restaurants

Lunch at Palermo on Mallorca in Barcelona

11th November 2016

Our restaurants and bars offer a wide and wild variety of cuisines and creative dishes.

However, grazing on tapas and fine dining is both wearing on the wallet and bruising on the palate. There are times while out and about when you want something more substantial than a snack, something a little more ordinary — more home style than stylish. The kind of food our city’s bar-restaurants excel at.

Salmorejo as served at Palermo, Barcelona

Palermo is another favourite lunch spot. They offer a very good menú diari [menú del día] which regularly features traditional dishes such as codillo al horno (knuckle), estofado de vedella (veal stew) or estofado de ternera (beef stew) and, of course, paella on Thursdays. The menú includes a bottle of vino tinto (red table wine) or beer.

Codillo al horno as served at Palermo.

During the summer they offer excellent cold soups such as salmorejo — tomato and breadcrumb soup served with ham and boiled egg — and melon and ham gazpacho.

And, they also offer an excellent arroz caldoso de bogavante (a soupy lobster and rice dish). Very tasty. Highly recommended.

Arroz caldoso de bogavante as served at Palermo.

Or, you can order off an extensive menu.

It's very popular at lunchtime so expect a ten-minute wait for a table — they’ll happily serve you a drink while you wait.

Lubina (sea bass) as served as part of the menú del día at Palermo.


The quality of the food here is very good. Everything tastes very fresh.


Menú del día: 10,95€ including tax.

Arroz caldoso de bogavante: 15,95€ per person including tax, minimum 2 persons.


Smart, modern and clean interior with outside seating. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with legal workers, shop and office staff, construction workers, families and elderly neighbours. It’s a busy place and can get a bit bustly between 2pm and 3pm — but it's all good fun. If you like humans, and find them fascinating, you'll like this place.


Excellent. The wait staff here are very experienced, assiduous and very helpful.

In Sum…

If visiting La Pedrera or Casa de les Punxes, or on your way to or from the Sagrada Familia, and feeling peckish, then it’s a safe bet they'll have something you’ll like.

NEW FEATURE: Click on the map, eye and Metro icons below and access more information.


Carrer de Mallorca, 280,

Dreta de l'Eixample.

Intersection: C/Roger de Llúria — below Avinguda Diagonal.


  • La Pedrera
  • Casa de les Punxes
  • Casa Thomas

93 458 2408

Website: HERE

Verdaguer or Girona



                             Bon Profit!


Love is Everywhere in Barcelona

2nd August 2016
Love Everywhere graffiti, Barcelona, Bill Sinclair

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is happening across curious images in unexpected places.

Here's a graffiti I came across on Carrer del Perill, a few metres from Nou Can Codina and directly opposite Restaurant Gut.

I really like it. Makes me smile.

Enjoy discovering graffiti in Barcelona.


Betty Grable in Poble Sec, Barcelona

3rd May 2016

Graffiti stencil portrait of Rita Hayworth in Barcelona

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is happening across curious portraits of well-known, and not so well-known, people in unexpected places.

Here’s a portrait of Hollywood star, Betty Grable. Thanks to O.P. [see comments]. I had previously erroneously attributed the portrait to Rita Hayworth.

Came across it on Carrer Lleida, just off Avinguda Paral·el, not so very far from Albert Adrià’s restaurant, Pakta.

Enjoy discovering graffiti in Barcelona

Snack Bars

A pizza and a pint of beer in Barcelona for less than $6

28th April 2016

Our restaurants and bars offer a wide and wild variety of cuisines and creative dishes.

Even the most ardent foodie will confess that grazing on tapas and dining in fine restaurants is both wearing on the wallet and bruising on the palate.

When out and about there will come a time when you want something more ordinary… a tasty, light bite.

Well… you could grab a pizza.

And, one of the best places to grab a pizza in Barcelona is Lucania II in Gràcia.

For less than the average price of a Bikini (grilled ham and cheese sandwich) you can enjoy a delicious, freshly prepared pizza margarita.


20 plus variations — including one of my favourites: minced beef cooked in beer with bacon, plus two or three daily specials. 

​A printed menu, describing the toppings is available in English. Here's the current (though incomplete) list in català:

Lucania II menu of pizzas, Barcelona2016


Flavour? We're not talking over-aired, spongy, doughy, cakey bases here…we're tasting crispy, thin, deceptively light, perfectly seared imperfect squares of mediterranean deliciousness.

​They've got a real handle on combinations that work. Pere and his team have been preparing and serving pizzas for more than 26 years, and they're still dabbling with new recipes. Pere may even invite you to sample a new combination as you sit at the bar.


​Obvious. The cheapest pizza is 2,60€ — the most expensive is 4,10€.

A pint of Estrella beer is only 2,75€


It is what it is. No pretension whatsoever. No fake-o Italian frippery. No nonsense. No tablecloths. No cutlery — unless you ask.

Only well-made pizzas packed with flavour, two types of olive oil — normal and extra-picante (olive oil spiced with chillies) — and a bar filled with appreciative and friendly customers.


I don't know how they do it — but as packed and as bustly as it often gets, it's never too noisome, hassly or uncomfortable.  You'll never have to wait long. They've got the preparation and service down to pat.

​If you wanted you could make more of a meal of your visit by ordering a salad and a bottle of wine to accompany your pizzas, and finish off with a dessert and coffee.

​In Sum…

I'm really glad this place exists, it's a really good, reliable standby. We visit regularly, often calling in on the way to Cines Verdi to watch a movie. Or, other times I'll call by for lunch, or later during the day when out and about doing errands. I have never been disappointed.


Carrer de Terol, 29-33, Gràcia. Not so very far from Plaça de la Revolució de Setembre de 1868 at the bottom of Carrer Verdi.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 1pm until 11.30pm.
Saturday: 2pm — 11.30pm
Closed Sunday


Spotted by Locals write-up: HERE

Bon profit!

Bar Restaurants

Why should you now do No Can Do in Barcelona?

26th February 2016

Nou Can Codina is one of my favourite bars for a beer and a bite.

It’s a favourite with the family too. We have a pet name for the place — No Can Do.

“Shall we do No Can Do?” someone might say. “Yes — let’s do No Can Do.”

And so it goes.

Nou Can Codina at turn of 20th century scan business card


Not so very long ago Can Codina, one of the oldest surviving bars in Gràcia, was a humble, everyday sort of place, serving up run-of-the-mill cheap snacks and meals. It was ok for an occasional coffee or plato combinado when out doing errands. It was a dreary but honest neighbourhood bar which closed its doors roundabout 9pm every night except Sundays, when it wasn’t open at all.


After a scrub-up, a splash of paint, new lighting scheme, amazing menu, and an injection of energy and imagination the place is buzzing most evenings until 11 — and gone midnight on Saturdays.

Gentrified? No, not at all…the food and drink offered here is sensibly priced and well within the range of us ordinary folk.

Because it is now a popular joint plan to spend 10 or 15 minutes at the bar waiting for a table on a Friday or Saturday night.


Close up Patates braves at Nou Can Codina, BCN

The Food

Simple everyday treats are transformed into tasty, memorable delights. The patates braves (3,90€) here a very good indeed — among the very best braves in the city. And so too are the croquettas and morcilla (black pudding/blood sausage).

Whoever they have working the kitchen they need to tie down with a payrise and a golden handcuffs agreement — otherwise he or she is going to walk, and stamp their goodness on a rival establishment.

The croquetas here are fantastic — full of flavour — probably among the best in the city, and very reasonably priced at 1€. The standard options are: cocido (meat, potato and chickpea mash), merluza y gambes (hake and prawn/shrimp) and bolets (mushroom). However, check out the specials board as they often offer two or three special croquetas such as sípia (cuttlefish) and a wonderfully tasty apple with goat cheese (poma i formatge de cabra) for 1,40€.

Croquettes at Can Codina, Barcelona

The morcilla here is also well worth trying. Moist and packed with flavour — served with a smear of parsley and garlic oil and lightly toasted bread (2,60€).

Morcilla at Can Codina, Barcelona

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