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Tapas dishes

Tapas dishes

Zarajo in Barcelona

6th August 2015

 Zarajos as served at Morryssom

One of my favourite tapas dishes is Zarajo, braided sheep’s intestines wrapped around a vine branch and usually broiled, though often grilled, sometimes smoked, served hot with a wedge of lemon.

Very tasty.

Zarajo is not common in Barcelona — the dish originated in Cuenca, the city in Castilla–La Mancha.

Zarajo go well with a beer, though I recommend you try them with a glass of rough, strong red wine.

Two places which I know serve zarajo are:

  • Morryssom’s — one of my favourite lunch restaurants and tapas places — 3,40€.
  • Bar L’Amistat, Carrer de Torrijos, 13, in Gràcia — 3,90€.

Zarajo as served at Bar l’Amistat, Gràcia.

Bon profit!

 Zarajo as served at Bar L’Amistat


Tapas dishes

Espardenyes in Barcelona

26th March 2015

Sea slugs

Espardenyes are sea slugs, sometimes referred to as sea cucumbers, found only on the Catalan coast. Similar creatures can also be found in the sea around the Balearics and off the coast of Cádiz. They are highly prized (and highly priced) delicacies.

You may see them when visiting fish stalls in the Boqueria market, though I only know of one stall which sells them. They’ll cost between 120€ and 150€ per kilo.

Finding them in restaurants and bars is a bit trickier.

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