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Guinardó: Castellers and Correfoc, Sunday, May 13th

12th May 2018

The Festa Major de Guinardó continues on Sunday, May 13th.

Guinardó is the barri which is home to the magnificent Modernista hospital complex designed by Domenech I Montaner now called Recinte Modernista Sant Pau — website HERE.

The Festa has invited the Castellers de Sagrada Familia to demonstrate their human tower building skills on Sunday at 12 Noon.

And at 8.30pm there's a correfoc.

If you're in Barcelona and you've not experienced a correfoc before then you may want to go along and check it out. 

Here's a link to the programme, which is updated every day, in català: Festa de Major de Guinardó, 2018

Highlights on Sunday:


The castellers of Sagrada Familla will be giving a demonstration. This is not a competition.

When: !2 Noon

Where: Plaça de Salvador Riera

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A Correfoc featuring Els Malignes del Guinardó is scheduled to commence at 8.30pm


The correfioc is scheduled to begin at Plaça Catalana and finish at Plaça de Salvador Riera via:

Carrer de Amilcar, Avinguda de la Mare de Déu de Montserrat, Carrer de  Sales I Ferré, Carrer de  Varsóvia, Passatge Garrofers,  Carrer de  Antic del Guinardó.

See you there. Enjoy your Sunday in Barcelona.


Festa Major de Navas 2018

11th May 2018
Festa major de navas2018

The Festa Major de Navas will be closing on Sunday, May 13th.

If you're in Barcelona then you may want to go along and check it out.

Navas is the barri in the district of Sant Andreu which straddles the Meridiana, squeezed between Guinardó, Camp de l'Arpa and La Sagrera.

Here's a link to a PDF of the programme in català: Festa de Major de Navas, 2018

Highlight on Saturday:


A Correfoc featuring Els Diables del Clot at 8.30pm


The correfioc is scheduled to begin at Plaça de la Mainada and finish at Plaça Ferran Reyes

Plaça de la Mainada — C/Joan de Garay — C/Navas de Tolosa — C/Murcia — C/Biscai — C/Bofarull — Plaça Islàndia — C/Esprornceda — Plaça Ferran Reyes.

Route of Correfoc in Navas, Saturday, May 12th.

Route of Correfoc in Navas, Saturday, May 12th.

Highlights on Sunday:

Grand Sardana Popular

When: 10am

Where: Plaça Ferran Reyes

Havaneres — Traditional folk song based on experiences of Spanish Cuba and featuring a ron cremat — a flaming rum concoction.

When: 8pm

Where: Escenari Josep Estivill on Carrer de  de Josep Estivill

Location of Escenari Josep Estivill

Castell de Focs/Fireworks Display

When: 9.30pm

Where: Plaça Ferran Reyes

Metro: Navas



Festa de Gràcia, 2017, Day 2, in Barcelona

17th August 2017

Day 2, 10:30pm: After yesterday's exertions we planned to spend most of our time on one street, Joan Blanques, split into two decorated sections and with two stages featuring two very different crowd pleasing bands: A Contrablues and Dani Nel·lo's xxxxxxx

Carrer Joan Blanques de Baix

11pm: We found two chairs and a table and installed ourselves on Joan Blanques de Baix.

Carrer Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot

1am: Having decided we all needed a halfway decent mojito the four of us wended a way through the streets to Raïm. I ordered a mojito made with an oscuro (dark rum) 7 year-old Flor de Caña.

Visca Cuba! Visca Nicaragua!

Advertising poster for cigars in Raïm

2:30am ish: Having joshed and chatted with the Italian chef from a well-known and popular (or, should that be 'polpolar'?) Gallego restaurant, we left Raïm and headed down Carrer Progrés…

Collage of posters from USSR on Carrer Progrés

…and a huge statue of Lenin….

Mr. Vladimir Ilyich Ulaynov on Carrer Progrés

…where we encountered a handsome looking bloke wearing an Augusto Sandino t-shirt chatting with his poet girlfriend.

Visca Nicaragua! Visca Catalunya!

Carrer Progrés

Enter your text here...

Skellies on Carrer Llibertat

5am: We finally called it a night and headed for bed.


Festa de Gràcia, 2017 in Bareclona

17th August 2017
Diablos Plaça Revolució, Gràcia 2017

Festes de Gràcia, 2017 — and we're off! 

Day One:

8am: A group of eight of us assemble for coffee and pastries at La Corrala before setting off to Plaça de la Revolució de la Revolució de Septembre 1868 to catch the start of the parade which announces the start of the festes.

En route we caught a look of Carrer de Puigmarti. 

Carrer de Puigmarti  2017

Carrer de Puigmarti

8:38am: and the Trabucaires prepare to fire their guns to launch the parade….


And then…we were joined by…the Lord of the Flies himself…



And, so to Plaça de la Vila — now transforned as The Little Prince square…

Plaça de la Vila during festes de Gràcia, 2017

Plaça de la Vila during festes de Gràcia, 2017

While the morning correfoc reached a climax…

Then off to explore the streets…

Plaça Rovira i Trias Gràcia 2017

Plaça Rovira i Trias

… picking up a few stragglers along the way. Now we were 10.

VW camper van in Carrer Providencia

VW camper van in Carrer Providencia

But, before Carrer Verdi we lost two fainthearts. We were again 8.

Carrer Fraternitat

Carrer de Puigmarti

Carrer de Puigmarti

After visiting every decorated street we wended a way home via Carrer Perill…

Carrer de Perill

…and a bar on Bailén before getting home for a shower, lunch and a nap.

6pm: And, four of us strolled out again to watch the cercavila.

Mean looking hombres from outta town looking to party

And here comes the T-shirt man…

…and the Castellers…

Castellers on Travessera de Gràcia and Torrent de l'Olla

Castellers on Travessera de Gràcia and Torrent de l'Olla

11pm: And, so, after mazing and grazing around, and after choripans and empanadas at Plaça Joanic, the four of us ended up on Passeig Sant Joan to see A Contrablues and meet a few friends.

From the very first vibrato chords the band had all assembled in the palms of their sticky hands. A brilliant band who never fail to deliver. 

A Contrablues on Passeig de Sant Joan

A Contrablues on Passeig de Sant Joan

All in all a great day out in the 'hood.

Bones Festes!


Hot as hell and raining fire in Barcelona

2nd July 2015
Correfoc, Gràcia, Barcelona, 2014

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is turning a corner and happening across curious festivities in unexpected places.

You never quite know… you may meet the Devil.

Devil in correfoc, Gràcia, Barcelona, August, 2014

They told you, “The Devil has no friends…” They were lying.

Correfoc, Gràcia, Barcelona, August, 2014`

He also has pets…

El Drac, correfoc, Gràcia, Barcelona, August. 2014

And a friend who wears shades…

Correfoc, Gràcia, August, 2014

And friends who enjoy a spot of fiery yoga and pilates in the morning…

Plaça de la Vila, Correfoc, Gràcia, Barcelona, august, 2014 –Bill Sinclair

Enjoy Barcelona.