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Bobbing about on a boat in Barcelona

4th August 2017
Gemini sailboat off the coast of Barcelona


On a good day, with good weather, nothing beats bobbing about on a boat on the Mediterranean, except bobbing about on a boat while chatting, drinking, and laughing with friends.

Gemin boat trip Barcelona

Happy voyagers enjoying cava and laughs off the coast of Barcelona aboard Gemini on a beautiful day in November. (Photo: Marvin Wycoff)


Gemini is a beautiful classic sailing boat available for 3 hour long private trips expertly skippered by

Dr. David Baird.

Gemini is a sleek and stylish 41 foot long wooden hulled yacht, with a 9 foot beam, designed in 1936 and launched at Lymington in the UK in 1947.

Because of its ocean-going design it feels and handles like a much larger, steadier boat.

Sailing yacht Barcelona

Gemini off the coast of Barcelona.


To chill out and relax.

To find relief from the rush, buzz and push of the city.

To chill off during your stay — temperatures out on the water are a good few degrees lower than on the streets. Beats hanging around the frozen foods section in the supermarket or dipping in and out of over air-conditioned cafés.

You’ll get a completely different perspective of the city — perfect for snapping out of the ordinary holiday photos and Instagram moments.

When you get out on the water you may get lucky and encounter dolphins or porpoises splashing around.

You may want to dive in and enjoy a swim. No problem.

If you feel up to it Dave will gladly encourage you to lend a hand sailing the boat. If you ask politely he'll let you take the tiller and patiently teach you a few navigational tricks.

You and your family and/or friends, and only you and your party​, will be aboard. You will not be sharing the deck with anyone you have not invited aboard.

Dave is an all round, amiable guy and very knowledgeable about both the waters around the city and the city itself. You'll enjoy his company as well as being impressed by his sailing skills.

The CNN Travel show, 24 Hours in Barcelona was suitably impressed. 

Gemini under sail.


You can book trips through the website HERE.

If you want to check a few details before you book you can call Dave on +34 65 333 1545, or send him a WhatsApp message or email:

Here's a link to a map of Gemini's mooring: HERE

Dave does not serve food or drinks — but you are more than welcome to board with your own supplies.

Kids under 16 years old go FREE.

Gemini off Barcelona.


Dave will gladly take you out at sunset for an unforgettable prelude to your evening’s dining and drinking adventures and general gallivanting about the city.

Or, he can take you out mid-morning or midday. It's up to you.​

Trips are scheduled at 10am, 2pm and Sunset, every day of the week, all year round.

A view of Hotel W  from Gemini.


Gemini is a UK-registered vessel and is licensed by both the UK Maritime and Coastguard Authority and the Spanish Capitania. She undergoes regular official inspections to ensure her seaworthiness and that she carries all the required safety equipment.

Dave holds the RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Offshore certificate, and is a Master of Yachts for vessels up to 200 tonnes. He also holds and regularly renews certifications covering Survival at Sea, First Aid, Short Range Maritime Radio Operator Certificate, and Professional Practices and Responsibility Certificate.

All inspection and qualification certificates are available for viewing on board.

Gemini's skipper, Dave Baird.

I’m a Skipper’s mate.

In the spirit of transparency, and just so you know, I should tell you that I’m a very good friend of Gemini’s skipper, Dave. We known each other a fair few years now.

We became friends before he brought Gemini from Scotland to Barcelona and established his business. In fact, Dave asked me to join the crew for that journey — what an adventure that would have been (and very well was by all accounts)! Sadly, I wasn’t able to.

Anyway, I am not affiliated in any way with Dave’s business, and will not receive any commission should you link through to his website from this website and book your adventure. However, being a decent sort of guy he will probably buy me a drink by way of saying thanks for passing you onto him.

Bon Viatge!