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Safety & Security

12 Sinister Symbols & Ciphers in Barcelona

14th May 2015
Burglars and house breakers symbols, Barcelona, 2015

A sure sign warmer weather is on the way is the appearance of warnings posted in the entrances of apartment buildings advising residents to check for symbols scratched on, or near, their front doors.

With the warmer weather more of us spend more of our time outside the house. S’only natural. But our absence is often seen as an invitation to opportunist plunderers.

Having enjoyed a day, or weekend, hiking, biking, climbing, rafting, or simply mazing and grazing around, the last thing you need is to return home, find all your most precious things gone and a turd in the fridge.
But these things happen — don’t let them happen to you.

You don’t need a brain like Alan Turing’s…

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