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Architecture Week 2018 in Barcelona

15th May 2018
Architecture Week 2018 Barcelona

Yes…if you didn't know already we're reaching the middle of Barcelona Architecture Week. 

Week? This year it actually runs for 10 days — from May 10th to May 20th.

It's an ambitious programme, with several and various activities, talks, debates and exhibitions — and a music concert or two.

One of the reasons I first visited Barcelona back in 1981, and one of the reasons I love living here, is the architecture. Barcelona is the only city in the world to have been awarded the Royal Institute of British Architects gold medal; the prize usually goes to individual architects or architectural practices. And, every single day it's easy to see why.

As well as hosting beautiful antique buildings and giving encouraging approval to daring new builds the city is also very adept at re-imagining and re-purposing buildings. There are hundreds of examples — textile mills which now serve as schools and cultural centres; former Modernista sweet shops now cocktail bars; Modernista bakers and pharmacies which now house IT companies; an Arab bath and beauty spa which was once an abattoir and meat warehouse…and so it goes. 

Appropriately this year's event is headquartered in the recently decommissioned Modelo prison in Nova Esquerra d l'Eixample.

And, while the event is centred on the former city centre prison it is reaching out to every one of the city's 10 districts — with an impressive roster of tours, talks and exhibits.

All good stuff.

However, I've not yet found a reliable link, or downloadable PDF,  with programme details in English so as to help guide you.

Here are a few links about this year's programme for you, make of them what you will:

Mies van der Rohe Foundation

Barcelona Architecture Walks

Barcelona City Council

As much as I'd like, unfortunately I won't be able to join you — I'm off to the UK on Thursday so I've had to squeeze five days appointments into the space of three — meaning I will have no meaningful time, let alone energy, for exploring local space. The space-time-energy dilemma or conundrum. Gets us all.



6 Modernista Details in L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample, Barcelona

4th August 2015

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is happening across curious architectural details in unexpected places.

You could be on a shopping expedition — the above entrada in L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample is adjacent to a Bon Preu supermarket — or out with friends — this magnificent entrance is just a few metres from the restaurant, Gresca — or just taking a stroll, and pass by a beautiful entrance.

Look — but don’t intrude

It’s difficult sometimes to not stick your nose in, take a gander and snap a few photos.

PLEASE DON’T — unless it’s a civic building, hotel or office building. The residents won’t like you for it, and the portera/o [concierge] will almost certainly hustle you out of the building  and call the police if you resist.

You could politely try asking the portera/o if you can take a few photos — some will oblige (while keeping a very close eye on you) but many won’t.

Instead, linger a little, savour the moment and walk on slowly by.

I am a frequent guest to this apartment building and enjoy the trust of both residents and the portero.

Film location

This apartment building has featured in a few movies, the most recent being, Mientras Duermes (While you sleep) although titled, Sleep Tight, in English — a creepy and coldly credible horror flick.


Lamp Carrer de Provença_Bill Sinclair


Here’s a close-up of the relief work adorning the walls:

Relief work, Carrer de Proveça, Barcelona —Bill Sinclair

Stair rail and newel:



Lift/Elevator Doors — showing ironwork, stained glass and woodwork:




Here are two photos of the interior window casements:

Window casement, Carrer de Provença, Barcelona–Bill Sinclair

Window casement 2, Carrer de Provença, Barcelona–Bill Sinclair.jpg


And here’s a snap of an interior window in the lift/elevator shaft:

Lift Window Carrer de Provença,Barcelona


Here are two photos of an apartment exterior door:


 Door detail, Carrer de Provença, Barcelona, Bill Sinclair

And, finally, a view of the entrance looking toward the exterior doors:


Enjoy Barcelona’s architecture.

Gaudí’s Dragon Gate in Barcelona

23rd July 2015

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is happening across curious architectural details in unexpected places.

Had to go to a meeting at the Polytechnic in Pedralbes the other day, and the route took me past Finca Güell and the magnificent dragon gate designed by Gaudí.

The finca was a home farm and summer residence owned by Gaudí’s patron, Eusebi Güell — yes, the same guy who funded the development of Park Güell. The gate gives access to beautiful gardens decorated with typical Gaudí flourishes.

Because of refurbisment works admission to the gardens and adjacent Gaudí designed Pavellons (Pavilions) is currently limited. But it is possible to visit the gardens between 10am and 4pm on weekdays. The cost of admission is 4€. There was a children’s puppet theatre show in the gardens the day I walked past.


It is hoped to fully re-open the Pavilions and gardens at the end of 2015 or spring 2016.

More visitor information HERE

 Enjoy exploring Barcelona