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La Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample

Lunch & Dinner

Honest, hearty homemade Catalan scran in Barcelona

18th April 2018
Meal at Bar Bodega Restaurante Gelida, Barcelona by Bill Sinclair

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Bar Bodega Restaurante Gelida

Situated on the corner of Carrer de la Diputació and Carrer de Comte d’Urgell in La Nova Eixample Esquerra, Gelida offers good food at a good price. Simple. 

It’s  one of my favourite places to eat — especially during autumn and winter. 

Cigrons (chickpeas) as served at Bar Bodega Gelida, barcelona

Cigrons (chickpeas) as served at Bar Bodega Gelida.

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Price for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner​

Gelida does not offer a menú diari/menú del día, all the dishes offered throughout the day are priced between 3€ and 5,10€.

Full meals available from 7am — making it popular with night workers coming off shift.

Galta (pig's cheek) as served at Gelida.

Galta (pig’s cheek) as served at Gelida.


Their standard menu offers a choice of 7 first plates (Entrants) and 6 second plates (Plats Forts) plus several daily specials and 6 desserts.

Entrants include:

— Amanida verda — green salad

— Ensaladilla Russa — Russian salad

— Sopa de Pagès — country soup

— Cigrons amb Ou dur — Chickpeas with hard-boiled egg

Plats Fort include:

  • Fricandó de vedella (veal)
  • Tripe in tomato sauce
  • Meatballs with peas — (Mandonguilles amb Pèsols)
  • Pig’s cheek — (Galta de Porc al forn amb guarnició)
  • Rabbit (conill)
  • Cod with a tomato sauce

​​​​Postres (desserts) include:

— Mel I mató (ricotta type cheese with honey)

— Postre de músic (nuts, dried fruit and moscatell [sweet dessert wine])

— Flam (crème caramel)

Sopa de pagés (country soup)as served at Gelida

Sopa de pagés (country soup) as served at Gelida


It is what it is…  nothing special… a neighbourhood diner serving honest, simple home-style cooking. Ironically, that’s exactly what makes it special — there are not that many diners, or comedors, left in the city. 

It is a bodega — serving rustic wines from the barrel, so you should try the wine while here. You’ll likely see some locals drinking wine from a porrón — a traditional glass pitcher. 

Codillo (knuckle) as served at Gelida

Codillo (knuckle) as served at Gelida


Lunch is very popular and although the place gets very busy service is usually very good — efficient.

Cigrons (chickpeas) amb ou dur as served at Gelida

Cigrons (chickpeas) amb ou dur (hardboiled egg) as served at Gelida


With its stainless steel counter, Formica topped tables, tiled walls and floor, and faded photos of past FC Barcelona teams (and, interestingly, a poster portrait of former President, Lluís Companys) the place can seem like the set of a TV series based in the 1970s.

The place does have a certain retro charm — but it’s the healthy mix of diners which lend the place its real feel — business executives rubbing shoulders with labourers, shop assistants, clerical workers, off-duty chefs and kitchen staff from nearby restaurants and, inevitably, a few pensioners — all brought together through a shared appreciation of keenly priced home-style grub. It’s as local as it gets and is unashamedly democratic. It’s the kind of place every village, every town and every barri in every city should have.

Demogastocracy — the coming together and the sharing of ideas and plans for the betterment of all via the medium of honest food. As opposed to demagoguery — the promise of basic foodstuffs via the medium of fake news and untruths, viz. Franco (‘for bread and victory’, ‘for bread and peace’, ‘for bread and justice’ and all the other bullshit).

Regardless of crop failures and pestilence, most famines are, and have been, created by politicians, viz. the Irish famine, the Soviet famines of 1920-22 and 1932-33, and Spain’s Años del Hambre. 

But back on topic: It’s not the most romantic place. Although having said that, I can easily imagine a young, budget-conscious couple of backpackers, fagged from tramping the sights, enjoying a memorable meal here.

Bacon, egg and chips at Gelida

Bacon, egg and chips at Gelida


Given the consistent quality of the food produced here, and the choices offered, Gelida has to be one of the best value bar-restaurants in the city. The pricing is very fair.

Where else in the city can you buy good quality homemade paella for only 3,50€?

Coffee and mel i mato as served at Gelida, Barcelona

Coffee and mel i mató as served at Gelida.

In Sum

Quality Catalan grub at its most basic and affordable.

Gelida has been in the business of serving locals since 1946.

It has a strong, well-won reputation. 

Bon profit!


In La Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample on the corner of Carrer Diputaciò and Carrer de Urgell, one block up from Gran Via de les Cortes Catalanes. The nearest Metro station: Urgell, Line 1. 

Opening Hours:

Monday —  Friday: 7am – 10pm.

Saturday: 8am – 5pm.

Sunday:  CLOSED

MOST RECENT VISIT: November 6th, 2019: 6 plates; 3 beers; carafe of house wine; bread; 4 desserts and a coffee = 45,50€.


Spotted by Locals write-up HERE

+34 93 453 7997

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