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October 14 protests against Spanish state.

14th October 2019

Commentary on Monday, October 14 protests in Barcelona 


The October 14 protests were convened as a response to the Spanish state’s savage revenge prison sentences handed down to 9 political prisoners.
The Democratic Tsunami have succesfully blockaded Barceloa-Prat airport. So far, 108 flights cancelled.
Tsunami-D have also blockaded Madrid-Barajas airport with 1,200 cars.

72-hour student strike in all Barcelona’s universities.

General Strike called for on Friday, October 18th.
Catalan writer Quim Monzo says the concentration of peoeple at Barcelona airport is growing. He advises people heading to the airport to take plenty of food and drink — it’s going to be a long night, and possibly longer.
Here’s a link to a summary of some of the day’s events as up to 18.33: HERE


Here’s a link to El Nacional in English HERE

Police at the Airport have impounded all the fire-extinguishers from the car-parks.

Only 3 arrests confirmed so far.

A journalist for RAC1 was hospitalised following  his head making contact with a police truncheon.


The tractors are out on the streets of Masnou.

Protests too in Vic, Girona and Manresa..

Latest video news from the Airport HERE


Aerobús service to Airport is only running between Placa Espanya and the Airport.

Large demonstration in Lleida.

Can hear a cassolada in progress.


Cassolada now ended.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City FC manager and all-round good guy has issued a statement on You Tube HERE

Just watched a short video of protests outside the Spanish Embassy in London shot earlier this evening.


Protestors are leaving the Airport. Mission accomplished.

There is now evidence to prove that the police at the Arport did use rubber bullets (or balls) — use of rubber bullets and balls is illegal in Catalunya.




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