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Sarrià—Sant Gervasi


A Garden Rooted in Books in Barcelona

14th November 2020

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An impressive multi-level public library which supports a rooftop garden.

BCQ architects were handed the double-headed challenge of devising a civic library and restoring a public garden. Guided by the notion of a Garden of Light they have successfully created a series of cheerful, thoughtfully connected, well-lit public spaces. And very popular it is too.

The project footprint was originally the site of a 16th century fortified mansion. In 1944 the building was transformed into a child health centre. Sixty years later the Ajuntament (City Hall) acquired the site and set about converting the building into a civic centre and the garden into a public park.

Making full use of the site’s topography BCQ decided to raise the garden and insert the library underneath it. The result is quite breathtaking and well worth viewing if in the area.


Biblioteca Joan Maragall, Carrer de Sant Gervasi de Cassoles, 85.

Screenshot Google map Biblioteca Joan Maragall

Public Transport:

Rail: FGC L7: El Putxet


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When visiting, the adjacent civic centre has a very good cafeteria-bar, and the excellent deli-bar-bodega, Casa Pepe is a five-minute stroll.

Enjoy exploring Barcelona’s architecture.


The other Gaudí gate in Barcelona

13th May 2019
Architectural details Façana Miralles, Sarrià, Barcelona, cris rosique

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is happening across curious architectural details in unexpected places.

Here, just off Passeig de Manuel Girona in Sarrià, you’ll encounter an impressive remnant of an unfinished Gaudí project — Portal Miralles. Constructed in 1901, when Gaudí was preoccupied with Park Gúell, it served as a gateway to a private house. 

My colleague, Cris Rosique (who took the photo above), recently posted an interesting and informative article about the site on Spotted by Locals. 

If you want more background on this intriguing edifice I suggest you check out Cris’s article HERE.

To check out Gaudí's Dragon Gate go HERE

Enjoy exploring Barcelona’s architecture.

Sant Gervasi–Galvany

Smart, Assured and Chic: Sant Gervasi-Galvany in Barcelona

17th April 2017
Sant Gervasi–Galvany

Smart and Assured with Chic Uptown Shopping and Clubbing

Sant Gervasi-Galvany, above Avinguda Diagonal, is situated between Ronda del General Mitre and Carrer de Balmes/Via Augusta.

Development began here in 1866, spurred by the promises of a new railway station and a new market. The station, La Bonanova, opened in 1867 but the market, begun in 1868, was not inaugurated until 1927.

The oldest part of the neighbourhood is the area between Carrer Sagués and Carrer Amigó but the main centre is around the market.

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Lunch & Dinner

Make tracks to Tram-Tram in Barcelona

22nd December 2016
Amuse bouches at Tram-Tram, Barcelona

Tram-Tram, a family owned, family run restaurant, is an excellent spot for small get-togethers, or, perhaps, a romantic rendezvous, and a good introduction to contemporary Catalan cuisine. It's a small, perfectly formed and tastefully decorated restaurant, with private dining-rooms and a pleasant leafy patio.

Isidre Soler, the chef, (who spent time training with Ferran Adrià at El Bulli before it became internationally known) takes evident, painstaking pride in the preparation and presentation of his exquisite dishes.

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