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Make tracks to Tram-Tram in Barcelona

22nd December 2016
Amuse bouches at Tram-Tram, Barcelona

Tram-Tram, a family owned, family run restaurant, is an excellent spot for small get-togethers, or, perhaps, a romantic rendezvous, and a good introduction to contemporary Catalan cuisine. It's a small, perfectly formed and tastefully decorated restaurant, with private dining-rooms and a pleasant leafy patio.

Isidre Soler, the chef, (who spent time training with Ferran Adrià at El Bulli before it became internationally known) takes evident, painstaking pride in the preparation and presentation of his exquisite dishes.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have dined for lunch and dinner here several times over the past fourteen years. I’ve dined in the general interior dining area, a private dining-room and in the patio. Never disappointed about any aspect of the experience.


Price for lunch:

The menú del día, or almuerzo a precio fijo (fixed-price lunch), is 28€ and includes bread, water, a glass of cava or a glass of wine, and coffee.


  • Tasting menu — offers five courses, with bread, and a dessert for 39,50€. Wine is extra — by the glass, between 3€ and 7€, and for 16€ you could have a very tasty bottle. The wine list offers a selection of 150 unpretentious wines.
  • El Festival — a surprise menu consisting of three tapas, four dishes, a cheeseboard and two desserts for 70€.
  • A lá carte — depending on the season, but the menu usually offers a choice of six starters, ten meat and fish dishes and six desserts. Prices for mains (entrées) are between 21€ and 28€ — and they offer ¾ size portions at appropriately reduced prices. In the autumn (fall) the menu will include a few game dishes.

All options include two amuse bouches — often an espuma (foam) or mousse of some kind and a sardine served with tongue teasing relishes.

Loin of cod with mushrooms squid-ink parsley reduction-and-chives


Chef Soler uses only the very best ingredients — as is evident with every mouthful.

Sardine escabeche and espuma of courgette (zucchini) amuse bouches as served at Tram-Tram.


The food — including original variations on classic dishes such as seafood paella and cochinillo (suckling pig) — is flavoursome without being rich, and is very, very good. It’s perhaps a strange observation, but there’s a certain clarity about the flavours here. Despite the complexity of some of the dishes — for example, Royal hare with foie gras and sweet potatoes — none of the flavours dominate but each are evident on the tongue.

Cochinillo (suckling pig) as served at Tram-Tram.


Service is excellent, the waiters, neatly turned out in white Nehru jackets, are very attentive though keep a discreet distance from your table, conscious to not interrupt the flow of your conversation. The very knowledgeable, and very helpful maitre'd will help you navigate the menu and off-menu specials, and guide you through the wine list. (An English version of the menu is available).


The overall feel is very restful, akin to dining in a wealthy friend’s home. There’s no rush, no bother, no drama — everything is just so.


You could pay a lot more for a lot less. You’ll be paying for reliably excellent food professionally served in a comfortable and restful ambience. You’ll likely feel better about yourself when you leave.

Pear and mango dessert as served at Tram-Tram

Michelin Guide:

If such things matter to you then you’ll be reassured to know that Tram-Tram is mentioned, although not starred, in the Michelin Guide for Barcelona.

In sum…

All in all, excellent value and highly recommended. Bon profit!


Carrer Major de Sarrià, 121


Above Passeig de la Bonanova


SarriàALL FGC trains departing from Plaça Catalunya and Provença, EXCEPT L7, call at Sarrià.

Wednesday1:30PM–3:30PM & 9PM –10:30PM
Thursday1:30PM–3:30PM & 9PM –10:30PM
Friday1:30PM–3:30PM & 9PM –10:30PM
Saturday1:30PM–3:30PM & 9PM –10:30PM

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