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Anne Frank in Barcelona

11th June 2015
Anne Frank in Gràcia, barcelona

One of the many wonderful things about exploring Barcelona is happening across curious sculptures in unexpected places.

A sculpture of Anne Frank in Gràcia, Barcelona


In Vila de Gràcia, on Travessia de Sant Antoni, midway between Carrer d’Astúries and Carrer del Montseny, you’ll find the little square, Plaça d’Anna Frank and a sculpture of Anne Frank. She reclines on a canopy affixed to the Centre Artesà Tradicionarius — a cultural centre dedicated to the production and promotion of Catalan music and dance.

Sculpture of Anne Frank in Gràcia, Barcelona, by Bill Sinclair.

The scuplture is by the Catalan artist, Sara Pons Arnal.

An inscription inside the book reads:

“While even the names of her executioners are gone, she lives on. But may the long shadow, and the river of blood and tears and mud and mourning that snuffed out so much beauty, never return, the symbol of which was a young girl in bloom.”

Enjoy discovering sculpture in Barcelona

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