Super Saturday in Barcelona: Castellers & Gegants & Sardana

4th May 2018
Diadas de Gegants & Castellers maig 5 2018

A Super Saturday

If you're in Barcelona this Saturday (May 5th) and you'd like to experience three cornerstones of Catalan culture then you could be lucky. May 5th is looking like a Super Saturday.


This coming Saturday both the Gegants of Gràcia and the Castellers of Gràcia will be out in the streets doing their thing, and there's a sardana planned on the same day. 

However…and it's a big however…the Gegants and the Castellers will be strutting their stuff at the exact same time in the same district, although a mile apart.

If you want to experience both then you'll need to be a little agile as the busses connecting the two locations will be re-routed. 

Let's hope for good weather.


In the district of Gràcia.

The Gegants will be in Vila de Gràcia and the Sardana and the Castellers will be in Plaça Sanllehy in La Salut


The Gegants will be celebrating 25 years since the 'new' gegants were added to the family of gegants.

The Castellers de Gràcia will be competing against two other colles (teams) to crown a day of activities organised by local community groups. The poster below outlines the programme.


The Sardana is programmed to commence around 4.30pm in Plaça Sanllehy.



At 5pm the Gegants will assemble at the junction of Gran de Gràcia and Carrer de Nil Fabra — very near Lesseps Metro stop.

At 6pm the Parade will commence.

At 7pm the Parade will finish in Plaça de la Vila —where the gegants live for most of the year.


The route of the Parade is straightforward — the Gegants will process from near Lesseps metro station down Gran de Gràcia to the junction with Carrer de Goya then head along Goya until they reach Plaça de la Vila.


The Castellers are scheduled to commence at 6pm in Plaça Sanllehy.

To be or not to be…here or there?

I can't tell you what you should do — would never dream of doing so — but I can help you do what you want to do.

You'll need to decide whether you want to experience the Sardana and the Castellers and head for Plaça Sanllhey and stay put, or head up to Gran de Gràcia (maybe Metro Fontana Line 3 - Green) and tag along for the parade of Gegants and other local folk culture groups, e.g. bastoners  (folk dancers) and hang around in Plaça de la Vila, OR try a bit of both.

If you decide you want to try to experience a bit of both then go watch the parade for 20 minutes then head toward Plaça de la Vila and follow the suggested directions below.

However, what ever you decide to do you'll have a great time I'm sure. 

How to get from Plaça de la Vila to Plaça Sanllehy

You could try  Barri Bus 114 on Traverserra de Gràcia. (Normally I would use the Number 24 which stops at Plaça Sanllehy — but the Gegants route includes Gran de Gràcia which will be closed for the Parade and the 24 bus will be re-routed).

When in Plaça de la Vila situate yourself with your back to the Ajuntament (Town Hall) and walk to the left-hand corner of the square and Carrer de Matilde.

Walk up Matilde to where it joins Travessera de Gràcia (about 2 minutes) and turn right  — you should be now be able to see the bus stop for the Number 114.

Wait for the bus. Have your T-10 ready. 

When you see the bus approach, and If there is no-one else at the stop, wave a hand to indicate you want to board.

Hop on. Validate your T-10. Tell the driver that you want Carrer de Praga. It’s 7 stops — about 10 minutes. 

Bus 114 starts its route at Plaça Ga·la Placidia and crosses Gran de Gràcia. The bus route will be affected by the Parade/cercavila. Because of the parade I am assuming that the route will be re-scheduled to start at stop number 2475. However, I may be mistaken.

Now, if you find Bus 114 is not running from this stop then continue walking along Travessera de Gràcia — about until you come to the junction with the top of Passeig de Sant Joan, take a left and walk a 100 metres or so up Carrer de I'Escorial and you will see the Metro station on your right.

Route from Plaça de la Vila to Plaça Joanic

Route from Plaça de la Vila to Plaça Joanic.

Take the Metro (Line 4 - Yellow) just one stop in the direction Trinitat Nova to Alfons X. See map below for walking route from the Metro station to Plaça Sanllhey — about 10 minutes.

Map of route between Alfons X and Plaça Sanllehy

Route between Alfons X and Plaça Sanllehy

OR when at Plaça Joanic walk up the right hand side of Carrer dePi I Maragall until you come to a bus stop and take the Bus number 55 just two stops to Carrer de Praga.

Get off at the stop on Carrer de Praga — the first stop after crossing the busy Ronda del Guinardó — then walk back to the Ronda and turn right

Route betweeween Carrer de Praga bus stop and Plaça Sanllhey

Route betweeween Carrer de Praga bus stop and Plaça Sanllhey.

Walk along the Ronda until you reach the junction with Carrer de Camèlies and Carrer de Sardenya

Cross Camèlies to put yourself on Carrer de Sardenya. 

Walk along Sardenya for about 2 minutes and you're there— Plaça Sanllehy.

What ever you choose to do — best of luck — and have a great day.

Enjoy a Super Saturday in Gràcia.

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